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Important Things You Need to Know About Google’s Helpful Content Update

On August 18, 2022, Google released its newest content update- Helpful Content Update for content creators. As we all know, Google always works better on search engine algorithms to better connect with people with helpful information. Following that, this new update is all about people-first content, which means content written by people & for people.

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On August 18, 2022, Google released its newest content update- Helpful Content Update for content creators. As we all know, Google always works better on search engine algorithms to better connect with people with helpful information. Following that, this new update is all about people-first content, which means content written by people & for people. Google also revealed that “People-first content creators focus first on creating satisfying content while also utilizing SEO best practices to bring searchers additional value.” The update will be rolled out gradually in the next two upcoming weeks and is expected to affect all searches globally.

The Helpful Content Update is designed to reduce the ranking of low-valued content and reward high-quality content that actually answers users' queries & solves problems. This update seems to target low-quality content creators who are trying to game the whole system by putting keywords in their titles or meta descriptions. This update will also affect those who use these tricks to rank higher on Google SERPs.

So, It is of utmost importance for creators to take note of this update as it will affect all their SEO rankings and traffic going forward. Now, creators only should focus on creating high-quality content which is relevant and helpful for their viewers or risk being penalized by Google.

By analyzing the new content update here, we are sharing some important contexts that ensure you, as creators, create people-first content following Google's guidelines.

Everything You Need To know about Google’s Helpful Content Update:

Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google’s new helpful update promises to provide human-first content rather than search-engine-first content. After reading the new content update, it seems that Google wants all content creators to focus on creating content that will give users a satisfying experience; users will learn something new while leveraging all SEO best practices.

Google’s helpful content is all about anti- low-quality content & that is why you have to ensure that your content will demonstrate first-hand experience to the readers. In short, Google wants content creators to focus on user experience by maintaining proper content quality.

If we talk about how this content update algorithm works, Google runs an automated machine learning algorithm model which will automatically detect low-valued or less-valued & unhelpful articles & it will be considered a new site-wide signal. Also, having a relatively high amount of unhelpful content on your site can degrade the ranking. So, removing those articles may help other valued content to rank high. Now, a question arises here after removing unhelpful content from the site, how long will it take time to rank the site better? A classifier will detect it. After being identified by the update, the classifier will monitor both the new & old sites. As long as it ensures that the unhelpful content won’t return for a long-time, the classification will not be applied. Apart from that, Google also stated that over the upcoming months, they would refine the methodology of how the classifier detects unhelpful content & launch other efforts for people-first content.

4 Important Ways Creators Should Prepare For The Google Content Update:

Don’t Emphasize On Particular Word Count 

In this recent update, Google has clearly mentioned that there are no preferred word count suggestions to rank your content as long as your content is knowledgeable enough & meets readers' expectations. If your users or readers are enjoying your piece of content & feel that your content can fulfill their expectations, then your article will be ranked.

Write Content For Your Intended Audience

Sometimes we create blogs on a general topic or another niche that is far away from our expertise field. Previously we did that for the sake of search engines. According to the new update, write content for your intended audience and ensure it is clear and relevant to their needs. If you already have existing clients or customers, then make sure you are creating content that fulfills their expectations of your brand & finds content useful.

Don’t Mix Up Multiple Topics

In the helpful content update page, Google suggested asking yourself the following question - Are you producing lots of content on different topics in hopes that some of it might perform well in search results?  If you are trying to generate a different kind of content on a single platform, you may get a penalty from Google. Your website should have a specific focus, purpose & niche. Try to build your website & blog page targeting one subject area.

Provide Sufficient Answers To Your Searchers

After reading content, if someone leaves your site feeling they have learned something or found the answers, then you have successfully provided them the answer & that’s a positive signal to rank your content. If you write only targeting search engines, then you may have to write a lot of unnecessary content that will not add any value to your readers. But when your write content for people, it should have the purpose of solving problems or answering any queries of your searchers through your content.

First-Hand Experience

Google’s new content update stated that you should not write any content about any topic if you haven’t any experience personally. Creating content sometimes involves a description or demonstration of any kind of product that you may not use first-hand. So, without any experience writing about any product will not be as effective as it could be. If you are writing about any service, product, or place, try to use as much as real insights to make it sufficient & clear for the consumer. 

This is the high time to review all website content and reevaluate whether your existing content is people-first or maintaining Google’s new content guidelines. However, the overall impact of this update will take over two weeks.  Websites that have a high amount of unhelpful content will perform less even if they have some helpful content. So, go back through your content and rewrite or remove old content that isn't helpful. 

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