Expo 2020

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first of its type to be hosted in an Arab country and will take place in the United Arab Emirates from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. The major three themes of this event are opportunity, sustainability, and mobility.

Opportunity - unleashing the potential of individuals and communities to build a brighter future will be one of Expo Dubai's themes. Sustainability – accessibility, and resilience of environmental, energy, and water resources. Mobility – innovative logistics, transport, and communication networks for people, products, and ideas.

For six months, Dubai will be transformed into a global showcase, with participating nations showcasing their finest ideas, projects, examples, and creative models in the realm of tangible and intangible infrastructures, based on the Universal Exhibition's themes.

The expo location is in the Dubai South neighborhood, about 40 minutes distance by vehicle from both of Dubai's international airports. The location may also be reached through the city's metro system.

Dubai Expo 2020 will provide a diverse range of experiences across several district displays, as well as weekly themes.

Space week, Water week, and Climate and Biodiversity week are just a few of the theme weeks that will address contemporary world problems and human fields of research.

Visitors will be able to enjoy many parades, concerts, and festivals exhibiting the world's arts and culture, as well as modern Middle Eastern architecture, in addition to visiting the different pavilions and exhibits during the event.

With an emphasis on bringing the future of food to the limelight, the event also includes high-end restaurants and food outlets. Along with the development of new cuisines, the technology utilized along this culinary journey is intended at assisting others and creating a "planetary healthy diet."


What Expo 2020 offers for tech enterprises 

Needless to say, Expo 2020 will benefit a wide range of enterprises. As a result, as a startup, the Expo will be an excellent venue for promoting your company. This event, which will be attended by 192 nations, is anticipated to generate trade possibilities. It will open up a world of possibilities that you could never have imagined before.

Expo 2020's six-month length will give entrepreneurs and SMEs the opportunity to network with other organizations and businesses from across the world and form long-term profitable collaborations. It will also act as a forum for learning how your company may capitalize on undiscovered developing market opportunities in the near future.

Many are now looking forward to the massive investments that multinational brands will make in Dubai, establishing branches of their businesses in the Emirate and accessing the local market as soon as feasible.

As a result, Expo 2020 is expected to assist startups by allowing them to display their innovations on a global platform where individuals from all over the world will be looking for new business opportunities. 

Because the UAE was the first country in the MENA area to hold a World Expo, its global footprint has grown at an almost unstoppable rate. The good news is that it incorporates homegrown firms that continue to prosper in both the domestic and foreign markets into its global strategy.

The event is projected to benefit nearly all industries, including education, healthcare, industrial, retail, entertainment, real estate, construction, and information technology. Expo 2020 is a global platform that can help you expand your brand visibility, regardless of what sector your startup or SME is in.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be the biggest platform for tech companies to showcase their latest cutting-edge services and products. By witnessing their innovation, you will get ideas to incorporate them into your arsenal as well.


Expo 2020: Revolutionizing Dubai

Dubai began to feel the economic benefits of winning the privilege of hosting the World Expo 2020 as soon as the announcement was made, as there was an immediate four percent rise in the stock market index of Emirates. That was the first time since 2008 that the index was pushed past the 3000 point level.

And the benefits kept coming as the event drew nearer. As mentioned earlier, 25 million visitors will descend upon Dubai during the six-month event. These tourists will pour money into the emirate’s economy through hotels, transportation, communication, catering, and other facilities they visit, such as malls and entertainment venues.

The additional visitors will subsequently cause the emirate’s GDP to rise, with experts predicting Dubai to yield AED 89 billion (£14.4 billion) in added revenue.

Increased tourists arrivals and a rise in investor confidence are a winning combination for the hotel and leisure industry, as well as the retail sector.

Hotel occupancy rates are likely to rise dramatically during the course of the event, meaning owners and developers could see significant hikes in their profits while the World Expo runs its course. The World Expo is likely to have lasting benefits for Dubai, and the UAE.

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