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Paid advertising is the best approach for sending your message to the masses in the quickest way possible. Through laser-targeted campaigns designed to reach the most relevant users, Royex Digital works closely with you and your organization to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Royex Digital excels at virtually all of the available ad platforms with particular expertise in Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing’s AdCenter, LinkedIn, YouTube video advertising, and Twitter Ads and promoted Tweets.

Our team is passionate about what they do, passionate about making the world a better place than it was yesterday, and passionate about helping you succeed.

Benefits of Paid Advertising with Royex Digital

Paid advertising can be an excellent addition to your digital marketing efforts. When done correctly, paid advertising acts as fuel for the flame of everything else you’re doing. It can enhance your social reach, boost your SEO efforts, and significantly increase traffic to your site.

It is imperative that you know how to properly develop, display, and modify your paid advertising campaigns in order to make the most of your money. Done correctly, paid advertising will grow your business and increase your revenue.

Lucky for you, we are experts at the various aspects of paid advertising and you don’t have to worry about it. Leave it to us to boost your traffic and sales through paid advertising. Here’s what you get when you work with us:

Quick Results

PPC paid search, and SEM enables a rapid flood of new visitors to your website, unlike any other digital marketing method.

Top Rankings

Your messaging might show above organic results in sponsored advertisements that appear in search results, making your brand the first one consumers see.

Laser-Targeted Ads

Paid search and SEM systems with granular targeting allow you to target your advertising to specific audiences, potentially enhancing total campaign effectiveness.

Measurable Performance

Royex Digital's reporting lets you see exactly what's going on with the performance of your ad campaigns at a glance.

Market Validation

Do you need to validate an idea or demonstrate product-market fit? Paid advertising, such as PPC, paid search, and SEM, provides instant confirmation.

Performance-Based Pay

You only pay when your advertisements are clicked with these paid advertising strategies, protecting your money from unqualified viewers. The various paid ad services we offer are discussed below:

Google Ads

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is one of the most effective ways to quickly increase the number of visits to your website. It does, however, come with a high learning curve. Beginners generally require months to turn a profit on their initiatives. With some keywords costing more than $50 per click, it's easy for Google Ads beginners to burn through their advertising budgets before seeing a favorable return. You will, however, be investing in the upward growth of your company utilizing Google Ads, with our cautious eye on ROI and wise techniques.

Our years of expertise have given us a unique perspective on what works – and what doesn't – with Google Ads. This translates to quicker outcomes. Profitability is improved. You'll get a better return on your Google Ads investment.

Advertisers get $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads, according to Google. If you haven't experienced this type of return on your previous initiatives, there might be a lot of reasons. Our Google Ads holistic approach examines every area of your campaigns, from the keywords you're targeting to the structure of your ad groups and more.

Here’s how we can improve your Google Ad results:

Campaign Structure

What is the optimal number of ad groups? How many different ad variants would you require? Allow our expertise to optimize the structure of your Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads Types

Our knowledgeable staff can advise your organization on the best Ads kinds for you, including text ads, call ads, Google Shopping ads, and more.

Ad Network Selection

What locations will your Google Ads appear in? Make use of our knowledge while deciding between Google's Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and other services.

Quality Score Optimization

Ads with poor Quality Scores cost you money and reduce the number of visitors you may receive. We'll make certain that your landing pages are effective.

Google Ads Analytics

When it comes to your Google Ads campaigns, Google Ads Analytics tells us what's working and what isn't. Our reports make it simple to understand your progress.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook's organic reach is practically non-existent these days. You'll need sponsored advertisements on your side if you want to reach the platform's 1.79 billion daily active users. However, deciding on the best Facebook advertising strategy might be difficult. Continue reading if you're having trouble distinguishing your Custom Audiences from your Lookalike Audiences.

The Royex Digital team has witnessed Facebook evolve from a college hangout to a terrific site for creating consumer relationships in the years we've been in business. Put our experience to work for you in your Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook advertisements allow company owners the ability to target and reach a certain customer market with precision, all without blowing their marketing budget. The Facebook advertising services offered by Royex Digital assist businesses of all sizes in transforming their digital marketing strategy through:

  • Increasing Facebook interaction on both organic and promoted posts
  • Increasing Facebook referral traffic to your website
  • Developing a loyal following of repeat consumers
  • Obtaining information about new and prospective clients, including contact information
  • Conversions are increased with dynamic buyer-stage marketing.

Our experienced team can assist your firm every step of the way, from early research to final analysis. Use the insights we've gained from running Facebook ad campaigns in a variety of businesses. When it comes to Facebook advertising, we're restless in our quest for perfection, and it shows in the results we deliver to our clients. Work with us to experience the difference.


LinkedIn Advertising

You need to be on LinkedIn if you want to reach B2B decision-makers. Not only are a significant portion of the network's users top executives, but the platform also attracts two new users every minute. Establish a presence on the site, and you'll get the perceived authority and top-of-mind status necessary to make transactions with some of the world's most powerful corporations.

It's not simple to stand out on LinkedIn, though. LinkedIn ad clicks can cost up to 10 times as much as Facebook ad clicks. A strategic partner, such as Royex Digital, may assist you in getting the most bang for your ad buck on the site.

Our LinkedIn advertising firm uses this platform to promote a variety of businesses. E-commerce, health & beauty, wellbeing, and other areas are included. LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool for increasing your organization's credibility and driving visitors to your LinkedIn corporate page. 

LinkedIn is brimming with business professionals looking to develop their careers or businesses. Over half of LinkedIn's users have a college diploma. As a result, your company will be able to reach a more educated market. Because of LinkedIn's professional character, your adverts are more likely to be considered seriously. This is the best way to connect with decision-makers and high-ranking executives.

You may have heard that LinkedIn advertising didn't offer many features in the past. However, LinkedIn Business has made updates and improvements to its advertising platform in recent years.

How We Design a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

LinkedIn's Ad Strategy

The first thing our LinkedIn marketing firm will do for your company is creating a customized marketing strategy aimed at achieving your objectives. We look at what your company does well, where we see space for development and the competitive landscape.

LinkedIn Ad Development 

The second area where we will collaborate is on your LinkedIn advertisements. Our competent and experienced LinkedIn advertisements team will collaborate on copywriting, creative development, and the publication of a content schedule. You will then have the opportunity to examine and approve our work. Your bespoke LinkedIn ad campaign will begin after you approve it.

Optimization of LinkedIn Ads

The effectiveness of your LinkedIn ad is determined by how well your social media strategy is optimized. There will be numerous strategies to keep the audience interested and maximize your content depending on the type of material we post for your campaign.


Twitter Advertising

Did you know that Twitter has 316 million active users, with 79% recommending a company they follow? Many businesses, particularly those in the B2B sector, disregard Twitter in their social media marketing plans, believing that their products and services are unsuitable for promotion on the real-time network. 

However, Twitter offers businesses a big chance to build relationships with their target audience and turn them into brand ambassadors. What's needed is a steady stream of unique, interesting content that attracts and delights followers while also converting them into leads and customers.

At Royex Digital, we can help you design a paid Twitter marketing plan that will improve your bottom line. By participating in current topics and Twitter conversations, scheduling curated and original content tweets, connecting with your followers, and developing highly targeted paid adverts, our Twitter marketing tactics generate brand exposure and satisfy your social marketing goals.

By keeping your business accessible on the web through heavy interaction, an effective Twitter strategy will drive traffic to your site and develop awareness. Using Twitter's suggested keywords can maintain your advertising SEO-friendly and help with search engine optimization. Twitter includes a number of targeting tactics to increase the profit of your advertising by securing sales and producing new leads, depending on your campaign aim.

Our Twitter Advertising Service

Our one-of-a-kind advertising strategy is tailored to your company's specific requirements. Within a reasonable budget, we create personalized campaigns that correspond with your objectives. Here are some of the unique features that come standard with our advertising services.

In-Depth Competition Research

We research your competitors and industry to uncover what makes your company special, and we build a strategy to help you achieve your business objectives.

Ad Targeting with Precision

To get the maximum return on your investment, get your ad in front of the unique audience of your choosing.

Multiple Ads

To identify the most successful approach to get your word out, create many ads with different designs and copy. To find the best combination, do an A-B test.


Get real-time information on how well your ad is doing and how to fine-tune it till it meets your digital marketing objectives.

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