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Strategy & Research

Digital Marketing Strategy Redefined

A digital marketing strategy is a plan for using digital marketing tools and techniques to achieve a firm’s strategic marketing objectives, such as brand building or new business development. Digital marketing strategy is often a part of an overall strategic marketing plan that incorporates both digital and traditional (offline) approaches. Common digital techniques include search engine optimization, digital advertising, email, webinars, social media, websites, and mobile apps.

In the growing digital marketing space, you will often hear people talk about strategy and techniques interchangeably. While this practice may be fine in the consumer products market, it misses some important distinctions relevant to professional services marketers.

Whether you’re a young company building a new brand or an established business wondering why your brand is failing to resonate with your target customers, brand strategy support may be right for you. Together, we’ll work through your company’s unique attributes, its customers, its competitive landscape, and more to develop a successful brand strategy.

Great brands form emotional connections with consumers. They stand for something. They’re bigger than the companies from which they originate. If you can’t say the same about yours, Royex Digital can help.

Maybe you’ve got the foundations of a great brand already. Maybe you’re ready to start from scratch. In either case, the experts at Royex Digital will work with you from start to finish to build a brand that supports your biggest business goals.

How we Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

In many ways, the process of developing a digital marketing strategy parallels the process for developing your overall strategic marketing plan or your marketing budget.

Starting With Your Business Goals

Strategic marketing, whether digital or traditional, starts with your firm’s strategic goals. What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to grow the firm? Are you trying to gain visibility for your brand? Position the firm for acquisition?

You’ll want to understand which segments of the practice are you targeting with your digital strategy. Most firms have a range of client types that buy a variety of specific services. Which ones are you targeting with your digital strategy? Which segments will be the easiest to reach? Once you have narrowed your choices, it is time to get a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Researching Your Target Audiences

The next step in preparing a digital marketing strategy is to identify and research your target audiences. The value of this research is evident when you consider that high-growth professional services firms are three times more likely to perform frequent research than their slow-growth peers.

Your target audiences are the groups of people you need to reach to execute your digital strategy. 

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

An effective digital marketing strategy framework has four key elements. If you have already done this work for your overall marketing strategy, it will likely be very similar to your digital strategy.


What sets your firm or practice apart from your competitors? Often, the research you performed earlier will help you discover differentiators that you may not have been aware of before.

Market Positioning

The next element of your framework is the market positioning of your firm. How is your firm positioned relative to key competitors? Is your firm the low-cost alternative? Are you the specialists that command top dollar? Your positioning is built upon your differentiators

Key Messages

What key messages does each of your audiences need to hear? These will likely vary from audience to audience. 

Content Strategy

Content is at the heart of most professional services firms’ digital strategy framework. Content is the way you communicate your expertise, build trust and demonstrate to potential clients how you can help them.

Finally, with an effective strategy at hand, we can work towards your goals along with tracking key metrics.

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